Capture the Flag

Original title: Capture the Flag (2015)
UK release: 29 January 2016
IMDb rating: 5,9 /10

Official summary

We're going to the Moon!


Extrait Capture the Flag
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Image Capture the Flag

Extract Capture the Flag


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Michelle Jenner
Michelle Jenner

Dani Rovira

Carme Calvell

Javier Balas

Director: Enrique Gato
Writers: Jordi Gasull, Patxi Amezcua, Neil Landau, Javier López Barreira
Producers: Telecinco Cinema, Telefonica Studios, Los Rockets AIE.

Country: Spain
Distributor: Paramount Pictures UK
Trailer added the: 26 January 2016

Runtime: 1h34 (94 minutes)

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