Original title: Louise-Michel (2009)
UK release: 1 April 2011
IMDb rating: 6,8 /10

Official summary

Absurdist French filmmakers Benoit Delepine and Gustave Kervern follow-up 2004's AALTRA with LOUISE-MICHEL, a wonderfully unpredictable, left-of-center comedy, in which the recently-fired female employees of a children's clothing factory pool their funds together to put a ‘hit’ on their callous boss.

Out of work and down on her luck, ex-con Louise (Yolande Moreau, MAMMUTH) proposes to her jobless sisters the idea of ridding the world of the man responsible for their dire situation. While security specialist Michel (Bouli Lanners) seems like the perfect candidate to carry out the hit, his ineptitude is so great that he attempts to sub-contract the job to a series of inexperienced - and highly inappropriate - assassins.

Notorious Belgian actor Benoît Poelvoorde (MAN BITES DOG) offers a memorable cameo as a nut-job 9/11 conspiracy theorist and actor/director Mathieu Kassovitz turns up as an organic hotelier in this cult classic in the making...


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Extract Louise-Michel


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Yolande Moreau
Yolande Moreau
Albert Dupontel
Albert Dupontel
Mathieu Kassovitz
Mathieu Kassovitz
Bouli Lanners
Bouli Lanners

Robert Dehoux
Catherine Hosmalin
Catherine Hosmalin

Directors: Gustave de Kervern, Benoît Delépine
Writers: Gustave de Kervern, Benoit Delépin
Producers: arte France Cinéma, No Money Productions, MNP Entreprise

Country: France
Distributor: Axiom Films
Trailer added the: 23 March 2011

Runtime: 1h34 (94 minutes)

Genre: Comedy Keywords: louise-michel film trailer comedy Read: 550

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