Original title: Vincere (2009)
UK release: 14 May 2010
IMDb rating: 7,0 /10

Official summary

There is a secret in the life of Mussolini: a wife and a son, Benito Albino, who was born, acknowledged and then denied. The secret bears a name: Ida Dalser. It is a dark page in history, one ignored in the official biography of the Duce.
When Ida meets Mussolini in Milan, he is the editor of Avanti! and an ardent Socialist who intends to guide the masses towards an anti-clerical, anti-monarchical, socially emancipated future. Ida already had a fleeting encounter with him in Trento and remained thunderstruck.
Ida truly believes in him and his ideas. In order to finance Il Popolo d’Italia, a newspaper he has founded and the nucleus of the forthcoming Fascist Party, Ida sells everything she has.
When the First World War erupts, Benito Mussolini enrolls in the Army and disappears. When Ida finds him again in a military hospital, he is tended to by Rachele whom he has just married. Ida lashes out at her rival furiously, demanding her rights as Mussolini’s true wife and the mother of his first-born son. She is led away by force.
For more than eleven years, she is locked away in an insane asylum (and her son in an institute) where she is put under physical restraint and tortured, never to see her son again. But Ida will not give up without a fight...


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Bruno Cariello
Paolo Pierobon
Paolo Pierobon
Corrado Invernizzi
Corrado Invernizzi
Michela Cescon
Michela Cescon

Pier Giorgio Bellocchio
Fausto Russo Alesi
Fausto Russo Alesi
Antonio Albanese
Antonio Albanese
Filippo Timi
Filippo Timi
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Giovanna Mezzogiorno

Pier Giorgio Bellocchio,

Director: Marco Bellocchio
Writers: Marco Bellocchio, Daniela Ceselli
Producers: Rai Cinema, Offside, Celluloid Dreams

Country: Italy
Distributor: Artificial Eye
Trailer added the: 30 March 2010
Official website:
Runtime: 2h08 (128 minutes)

Genre: Drama Romance History Keywords: Vincere Read: 669

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