A Serious Man

Original title: A Serious Man (2009)
UK release: 20 November 2009
IMDb rating: 7,2 /10

Official summary

Larry Nidus is a good man. He is a loving husband, a committed father, and a dedicated professor who always does the fair and just thing in the face of daily temptations. But one day, everything starts to go wrong. His wife leaves him for reasons she can’t explain, and her smug new lover manages to convince Larry that he should be the one to move out of the house and into a cheap motel – all for the children’s benefit, of course. Then Larry’s career is put into jeopardy by a series of anonymous letters falsely accusing him of unnamed treacheries. And when his wife’s new partner dies in a car accident, she insists that he should foot the bill for the funeral! Now the cash strapped Larry finds himself paying to bury a man he hates, bailing his gambling addicted brother out of jail, and desperately trying to save his name and his career in academia. Yet, in spite of it all, we can’t help but laugh as we contemplate Larry’s plight in a world with no silver linings that might just seem uncomfortably familiar to us all…


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Extract A Serious Man


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Simon Helberg
Simon Helberg
Adam Arkin
Adam Arkin
Richard Kind
Richard Kind
Michael Stuhlbarg
Michael Stuhlbarg

Directors: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Writers: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Producers: Relativity Media, Working Title Films, Studio Canal, Mike Zoss Productions

Country: United States
Distributor: Universal Pictures UK
Trailer added the: 14 September 2009
Official website: http://www.aseriousmanmovie.co.uk/
Runtime: 1h45 (105 minutes)

Genre: Drama Keywords: A Serious Man film trailer Read: 608

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