Merantau Warrior

Original title: Merantau (2009)
UK release: 7 June 2010
IMDb rating: 6,6 /10

Official summary

Asia’s newest martial arts action star, Iko Uwais, blasts on to the screen in Merantau Warrior, a rousing action-thriller that introduces Western audiences to the rarely-seen on screen Indonesian martial art of Silat, an incredible combination of strikes, joint manipulation, bladed weapons, throws and animal-derived fighting techniques that take hand-to-hand combat into a whole new realm.


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Iko Uwais
Sisca Jessica
Sisca Jessica
Christine Hakim
Christine Hakim
Mads Koudal
Mads Koudal

Director: Gareth Evans
Writer: Gareth Evans

Country: Indonesia
Distributor: The Associates
Trailer added the: 19 May 2010

Runtime: 1h46 (106 minutes)

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