Frequently asked questions

What is

It's a site that offers the latest trailers from movies, and images from the film and its important information. was created to be easy and quick.

Why the name Kiao?

It comes from a Chinese word pronounced Kiao, which means bridge/gateway. We found that this corresponds to the principle of the aggregator which is a gateway to other sites, and Kiao was firstly a French aggregator.

What do the colors mean?

The title of each film is coloured depending on the major type of film. (See all movie types.)
The square Movie square is in front of an unread article, if it is grey Visited you have already visited this page.

Can I participate?

Of course, the comments are there for you to give your opinion on a film or a person (actor, director...).

Where does come the information displayed?

The site is fully automatic, summaries and previews of movies come from FilmTrailer, information about actors comes generally from Wikipédia or are given by the visitors, and the images from a Yahoo or Bing research. You are responsible of your own comments.

Who are you? was created by a PHP developer and a graphist. Web hosting.
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