In theatres Friday 6 April 2012

Mirror, Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White
Poster Mirror, Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow WhiteVisionary director Tarsem Singh (Immortals) rewrites fairy tale history as a wicked enchantress (Julia Roberts) schemes and scrambles for control of a spirited orphan's (Lily Collins) throne and the attention of a charming prince (Armie Hammer). When Snow White's beauty wins the heart of the prince that... Genre: Drama Comedy Fantasy Actors: Julia Roberts, Sean Bean Release date: 2 April 2012

The Adopted
Poster The Adopted - DVDTHE ADOPTED is the story of a family of women whose lives are never easy but who, over time, manage to surmount their difficulties. There is little place for men in their lives so of course, when one of them falls in love, their world is thrown off balance. Everybody tries their best to find a new equilibrium.... Genre: Drama Original title: The Adopted - DVD Actors: Mélanie Laurent Release date: 2 April 2012

Black Biscuit
Poster Black BiscuitBlack Biscuit follows the life of Chet. On one fateful day he finds his true calling - film making. Now all he has to do is stop prostituting him self.

Working by day as a male prostitute, Chet is beginning to see the rewards and comforts of money.

But his new dreams of becoming... Genre: Drama Actors: Fabrizio Federico, Daniel Angelus Release date: 6 April 2012

North Sea Texas
Poster Noordzee, TexasPim lives in a small town on the Belgian coast, together with his single mother Yvette, a local accordion starlet. It's an ordinary existence which Pim brightens up by dreaming of princesses, beauty queens and handsome Gino, the boy next door. But when hunky traveller Zoltan blows through town, Pim's... Genre: Drama Original title: Noordzee, Texas Actors: Eva Van der Gucht, Jelle Florizoone Release date: 6 April 2012

Le Havre
Poster Le HavreMarcel and Arletty's quiet, economically impoverished but motionally rich life is disrupted when she is diagnosed with a serious disease. At the same time, Marcel takes a young illegal immigrant under his wing. So begins Aki Kaurismäki's masterpiece, which champions the downtrodden and celebrates the ... Genre: Comedy Actors: Laika, Jean-Pierre Darroussin Release date: 6 April 2012

La Grande Illusion: 75th Anniversary
Poster La Grande IllusionJean Renoir's LA GRANDE ILLUSION is a poetic and poignant meditation on class, the nature of war and the death of the old European order.

Aristocratic Captain de Boeldieu (Pierre Fresnay), mechanic Lieutenant Marechal (Jean Gabin) and wealthy Jewish banker Rosenthal (Marcel Dalio) are all... Genre: Drama War Original title: La Grande Illusion Actors: Dita Parlo, Eric von Stroheim Release date: 6 April 2012

The Cold Light of Day
Poster The Cold Light of DayThis heart pounding thriller follows a young American (Henry Cavill), whose family is kidnapped whilst on vacation in Spain. A cat and mouse chase ensues, but time is running out. Genre: Thriller Action Actors: Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis Release date: 6 April 2012

Poster HodejegerneThe charismatic Roger Brown (AKSEL HENNIE), a successful corporate headhunter by day and prolific art thief by night, is lured into a dangerous game of cat and mouse when he goes after the biggest heist of his life. Genre: Thriller Action Original title: Hodejegerne Actors: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Aksel Hennie Release date: 6 April 2012

This Must Be the Place
Poster This must be the placeCheyenne is a former rock star. At 50 he still dresses ‘goth’ and lives in Dublin off his royalties.

The death of his father, with whom he wasn't on speaking terms, brings him back to New York. He discovers his father had an obsession: to seek revenge for a humiliation he had suffered.

Cheyenne dec... Genre: Drama Comedy Actors: Frances McDormand, Sean Penn Release date: 6 April 2012

Titanic 3D
Poster TitanicJames Cameron’s Titanic is an epic, action-packed romance set against the ill-fated maiden voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic, the pride and joy of the White Star Line and, at the time, the largest moving object ever built. She was the most luxurious liner of her era -- the “ship of dreams” -- which ultim... Genre: Drama Romance Adventure History Original title: Titanic Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Release date: 6 April 2012

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