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  • Mita Tova
    2014, UK release: unknown
  • The Human Resources Manager
    2010, UK release: unknown

Colleagues of shooting:

Reymond Amsalem Rosina Kambus Noah Stollman Eran Riklis Mark Ivanir Gila Almagor Guri Alfi Julian Negulesco Noah Silver Danna Semo Bogdan E. Stanoevitch Roni Koren Papil Panduru Irina Petrescu Yigal Sade Ofir Weil Sylwia Drori Abraham B. Jehoshua EZ Films Pie Films Sharon Maymon Sharon Maymon Pie Films Ze'ev Revach Levana Finkelstein Ilan Dar Tal Granit Tal Granit Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion Dana Ivgy Varda Ben Hur Liat Goren Liron Ben-Shlush Liron Ben-Shlush Asaf Korman Sari Ezouz

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B&R 110: Coals To Newcastle -  DVD - B & R Video Productions B&R 110: Coals To Newcastle - DVD - B & R Video Productions
Volume No. 110 - Coals To Newcastle Dvd.Industrial Steam in the North-East. From the Jon Marsh Collection.For all industrial fans this is the story of steam in the North East coalfields with particular accent on the Philadelphia system.Collieries visited are Derwentaugh, Backworth, Seaham, Amble, Morriston Busty.Rising...
by with published by B&R Video Productions.
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African Bass Bible Volume 2 African Bass Bible Volume 2
Explore to a higher standard African bass guitar styles in this second volume of Kibisi Douglas' DVD, "African Bass Bible". From South Africa to Congo, Nigeria to Kenya this DVD is not based on musical theory, but contains practical exercises focussing on the differing bass styles of each country. Lots of to develop your tone, phrasing and...
by Safaritv team, with Kibisi Douglas, published by Nsele Folis Studios UK.
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