Corus may refer to:

Tata Steel Europe, formerly Corus Group, a London based subsidiary of India's Tata Steel Corus Bankshares, a financial holding group Corus chess tournament, in the Netherlands Corus Entertainment, a Canadian entertainment company Caurus, one of the Anemoi and the Roman god of the northwest wind Corus (Koros), son of Hybris and the spirit of surfeit in Greek mythology

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Paramount Pictures Relativity Media Imagine Entertainment DreamWorks SKG Touchstone Pictures Universal Pictures Sam Rockwell Jon Favreau Harrison Ford Fairview Entertainment Daniel Craig Téléfilm Canada Olivia Wilde Damon Lindelof Mark Fergus Indian Films Movie Central Network The Movie Network Studio 18 Treehouse TV Reliance Big Entertainment K/O Paper Products Platinum Studios

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Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs: Jungle Harry Harry and His Bucket of Dinosaurs: Jungle Harry
Harry is "Jungle Harry", King of the Jungle and friend to all the jungle animals (otherwise known as the Dinos). The only problem is that they're not really in the jungle, they're in the hallway disturbing Sam, who is trying to finish her homework. So they head to Dino World where they meet some real jungle animals who invite them to their...
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