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Plan B Entertainment is a film production company founded by Brad Grey, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in 2002. Brad Pitt became the sole owner of Plan B Entertainment in 2006, but the company currently has a release deal with Paramount Pictures, as well as with Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox. To date, the company has produced films including Troy, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Departed, Running with Scissors, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, Kick-Ass, and Eat Pray Love.

The production company also plans adaptations of Shantaram, World War Z, Atlas Shrugged, The Tree of Life, The Odyssey, amongst others.

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DVD & BluRay by Plan B Entertainment on Amazon
Ill Manors [DVD] Ill Manors [DVD]
NOTICE: Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk has English audio and subtitles. The lives of four drug dealers, one user and two prostitutes.
by Ben Drew, with Riz Ahmed, Natalie Press, Ed Skrein, Mem Ferda, Jo Hartley, published by Revolver Entertainment.
starting from
The Hood Trilogy (KidulthoodAdulthoodBrotherhood) [DVD] The Hood Trilogy (KidulthoodAdulthoodBrotherhood) [DVD]
by Noel Clarke, Menhaj Huda, with Aml Ameen, Red Madrell, Noel Clarke, Adam Deacon, Jaime Winstone, published by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.
starting from
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw [Blu-ray] The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw [Blu-ray]
by Raoul Walsh, with Kenneth More, Jayne Mansfield, published by Plan B Entertainment.
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Firestarter (Dual Format) [Blu-ray] Firestarter (Dual Format) [Blu-ray]
NOTICE: Polish Release, cover may contain Polish text/markings. The disk DOES NOT have English audio and subtitles.
by Mark L. Lester, with Drew Barrymore;Martin Sheen;Heather Locklear, published by Plan B Entertainment.
starting from
The Gunfighter [DVD] The Gunfighter [DVD]
The Gunfighter [DVD] - Gregory Peck
by Henry King, with Gregory Peck, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell, Jean Parker, Karl Malden, published by Twentieth Century Fox.
starting from
Broken Arrow [Blu-ray] Broken Arrow [Blu-ray]
by Delmer Daves, with published by Plan B Entertainment.
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Plan B Entertainment's most consulted movies
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee
After her much older husband forces a move to a suburban retirement community, Pippa Lee engages in a period of reflection and finds herself heading toward a quiet nervous breakdown.
Genre: Drama Actors: Robin Wright Penn, Monica Bellucci Release date: 10 July 2009
Genre: Drama Comedy Action Adventure Actors: Chloë Grace Moretz, Nicolas Cage Release date: 2 April 2010
Eat Pray Love
Genre: Drama Romance Actors: Billy Crudup, James Franco Release date: 24 September 2010

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