1984 Private Defense Contractors


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Colleagues of shooting:

Scott Free Productions Liam Neeson Joe Anderson Joe Carnahan Joe Carnahan Liddell Entertainment Frank Grillo Dermot Mulroney James Badge Dale Ian Mackenzie Jeffers Brad Pitt Ben Mendelsohn Chockstone Pictures James Gandolfini Plan B Entertainment Scoot McNairy Andrew Dominik Andrew Dominik Annapurna pictures George V. Higgins Inferno Entertainment Russell Crowe Mark Wahlberg Allen Hughes Catherine Zeta-Jones Brian Tucker Black Bear Pictures Closest to the Hole Productions Liam Neeson Scott Frank Scott Frank Dan Stevens Cross Creek Pictures Lawrence Block Boyd Holbrook Da Vinci Media Ventures Studio Babelsberg Ryan Reynolds Anna Kendrick Gemma Arterton Marjane Satrapi Mandalay Vision Michael R. Perry

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