Sierra / Affinity

Sierra / Affinity 

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  • The Age of Adaline
    2015, United States, UK release: 8 May 2015
  • Wild Card
    2014, United States, UK release: 20 March 2015
  • Parker
    2013, United States, UK release: 8 March 2013

Colleagues of shooting:

Donald E. Westlake Jennifer Lopez Jason Statham Sidney Kimmel Entertainment Taylor Hackford Nick Nolte Incentive Filmed Entertainment Current Entertainment John J. McLaughlin Michael Chiklis Alexander/ Mitchell Productions Anvil Films Lionsgate Anne Heche Milo Ventimiglia Stanley Tucci Jason Statham Sofía Vergara Simon West William Goldman SJ Heat Productions Lakeshore Entertainment Blake Lively Harrison Ford Sidney Kimmel Entertainment Michiel Huisman Lee Toland Krieger Lee Toland Krieger J. Mills Goodloe J. Mills Goodloe

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