Jean-Luc Gaget


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  • Zouzou
    2012, UK release: unknown


  • L'effet aquatique
    2016, UK release: unknown
  • Lulu femme nue
    2013, UK release: unknown
  • Queen of Montreuil
    2011, UK release: unknown

Colleagues of shooting:

Samir Guesmi FLORENCE LOIRET-CAILLE DIDDA JONSDOTTIR ULFUR AEGISSON ERIC CARUSO SOLVEIG ANSPACH SOLVEIG ANSPACH Karin Viard Bouli Lanners Pascal Demolon SOLVEIG ANSPACH SOLVEIG ANSPACH Claude Gensac Florence Muller LOCAL FILMS Laure Calamy Sarah Grappin Jeanne Ferron Blandine Lenoir Blandine Lenoir Samir Guesmi Ex Nihilo Florence Loiret Caille Philippe Rebbot SOLVEIG ANSPACH SOLVEIG ANSPACH Estéban

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