Luc Roderique


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    Colleagues of shooting:

    Warner Bros. Ben Barnes Legendary Pictures Antje Traue Julianne Moore Jeff Bridges Olivia Williams Thunder Road Pictures Charles Leavitt Djimon Hounsou Alicia Vikander Duffy Kit Harington Marcel Bridges Yaroslav Poverlo Isabelle Landry Thai-Hoa Le Julian Black Antelope Brenda McDonald Lilah Fitzgerald Primo Allon Jim Shield Taya Clyne Carmel Amit Loyd Catlett Candice-May Langlois Sean Carey Fraser Aitcheson Timothy Webber Billy Wickman Faustino Di Bauda Zahf Paroo Gerard Plunkett Jason Scott Lee Sergey Bodrov Alili Sinan Matt Greenberg Max Borenstein Joseph Delaney Company 3 Moving Picture Company (MPC) Pendle Mountain Productions

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