Pathé Renn Productions

Pathé Renn Productions 

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  • Ensemble, c'est tout
    2007, UK release: unknown
  • Odette Toulemonde
    2006, UK release: unknown
  • Bright Star
    2009, Australia, France, United Kingdom, UK release: 6 November 2009

Colleagues of shooting:

BBC Films UK Film Council Abbie Cornish Ben Whishaw Thomas Sangster Paul Schneider Jane Campion Jane Campion Jan Chapman Pictures Hopscotch Productions Catherine Frot Albert Dupontel Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Bel Ombre Films Antigone Cinéma Laurent Stocker TF1 Films Production Guillaume Canet Audrey Tautou Claude Berri Claude Berri Hirsch Françoise Bertin Anna Gavalda

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DVD & BluRay by Pathé Renn Productions on Amazon
L'Ours (French language only, no subtitles)
by Jean Jacques Annaud, with published by Renn Productions.
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Le Passage, French language only, no subtitles
by with Alain Delon, published by Pathe Renn Production.
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