Virginie Efira

Virginie Efira

Virginie Efira (born May 5, 1977 in Brussels) is a Belgian anchor and actress on the French Television.

She was first hired by Club RTL (A Belgian TV channel in the RTL Group) to present a children's show called Mégamix. She went on to present other programmes in Belgium, including A la recherche de la nouvelle Star. In September 2002 she was offered the job of the presenter of Belgian's version of Star Academy. After casting to be a weather girl on France's M6 channel, she was soon pushed into the limelight as one of M6's main public faces, presenting shows such as Le Grand Zap, La saga des ..., Follement Gay, Absolument 80/90, Le Grand Piège and Drôles d'équipes. She was the host of Classé Confidentiel for one year, before replacing Benjamin Castaldi as the host of the popular musical reality show Nouvelle Star for the end of the show's fourth series. She also present various shows on RTL-TVi (a spin-off channel in the RTL Group). Efira was a guest star on the highly successful French show Kaamelott.

Efira's film career took off in 2004, appearing as Liz Wilson in the French-language version of Garfield: The Movie, as well as playing Piper in the French version of the 2005 film Robots.

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  • Victoria
    2016, UK release: unknown
  • Elle
    2016, UK release: unknown
  • Up For Love (Un homme à la hauteur)
    2016, France, UK release: 5 August 2016
  • Et ta soeur?
    2015, UK release: unknown
  • Le goût des merveilles
    2015, UK release: unknown
  • Une famille à louer
    2015, UK release: unknown
  • Caprice
    2014, UK release: unknown
  • En Solitaire
    2012, UK release: unknown
  • Les invincibles
    2012, UK release: unknown
  • 20 ans d'écart
    2013, UK release: unknown
  • Cookie
    2011, UK release: unknown
  • Mon Pire Cauchemar
    2011, UK release: unknown
  • La chance de ma vie
    2010, UK release: unknown
  • L'amour, c'est mieux à deux
    2009, UK release: unknown

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