Haldun Dormen

Haldun Dormen (born 5 April 1928 in Mersin, Turkey) is a famous Turkish theatre, movie and TV series actor and film director. Dormen is of Turkish Cypriot descent.

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  • Seytan Tüyü
    2016, UK release: unknown

Colleagues of shooting:

Beyti Engin Güven Kiraç Murat Senöy Gökhan Horzum Armagan Tunaboylu Warner Bros Turkey

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Yesil Isik (Green Light) (Dvd) by Haldun Dormen Yesil Isik (Green Light) (Dvd) by Haldun Dormen
by with published by .
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Yesil Isik Yesil Isik
Ali dies of heart attack after losing all his money in the stock market. However, he is not allowed into heaven as his time is not up yet. He can't come back to Earth either as his liver was transplanted to somebody else. Ali's angel Yakup (Haldun Dormen) tells him that his only chance is to kill the person with his transplanted liver. Ali...
by Faruk Aksoy, with Hülya Avşar, Kenan Işık Haldun Dormen, published by .
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DVD & BluRay by Haldun Dormen on eBay
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