Jon Voight

Jon Voight

Jonathan Vincent "Jon" Voight (born December 29, 1938) is an American film and television actor. He came to prominence at the end of the 1960s, with a performance as a would-be hustler in 1969's Best Picture winner, Midnight Cowboy, for which he earned his first Academy Award nomination. Throughout the following decades, Voight built his reputation with an array of challenging roles, appearing in such landmark films as Deliverance (1972), and Coming Home (1978), for which he received an Academy Award for Best Actor. Voight's portrayal of sportscaster/journalist Howard Cosell, in the 2001 biopic Ali, earned critical raves and his fourth Oscar nomination. He starred in the seventh season of 24 as the villain Jonas Hodges.

Voight is the father of actor James Haven and actress Angelina Jolie, as well as brother of singer-songwriter Chip Taylor and geologist Barry Voight.

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  • Heat
    1995, UK release: unknown
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    2016, UK release: unknown
  • Getaway
    2013, Bulgaria, United States, UK release: 6 December 2013
  • Pride and Glory
    2008, United States, UK release: 7 November 2008

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