Charles Leavitt

Charles Leavitt

Charles Leavi is an American screenwriter best known for writing the 2006 film Blood Diamond.

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  • Warcraft
    2016, UK release: unknown
  • Seventh Son
    2014, Canada, China, United Kingdom, United States, UK release: 27 March 2015
  • The Express
    2008, United States, UK release: 5 December 2008

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The Doris Day Collection: Volume 1 [DVD] [2005] The Doris Day Collection: Volume 1 [DVD] [2005]
by David Butler, Michael Curtiz, Charles Walters, Charles Vidor, Frank Tashlin, with Allyn Ann McLerie, Philip Carey, Gale Robbins, Paul Harvey, Chubby Johnson, published by Warner Home Video.
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K-Pax [DVD] [2002] K-Pax [DVD] [2002]
A wonderfully fresh, original piece of work, K-Pax is a film that manages to combine a variety of genres while still maintaining its own unique identity. The premise of alien life on earth may not be a new one, but Ian Softley's movie is a startling new take on the subject. Spacey's Prot is picked up by the police and, when he claims...
by Iain Softley, with Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack, Alfre Woodard, David Patrick Kelly, published by Vci.
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Blood Diamond [Blu-ray] [2007] [Region Free] Blood Diamond [Blu-ray] [2007] [Region Free]
by Edward Zwick, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, Kasigo Kuypers, Arnold Vosloo, published by Warner Home Video.
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The Mighty [DVD] The Mighty [DVD]
by Peter Chelsom, with Sharon Stone, Gena Rowlands, Harry Dean Stanton, Gillian Anderson, James Gandolfini, published by MIRAMAX.
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The Defiant Ones [DVD] The Defiant Ones [DVD]
by Stanley Kramer, with Tony Curtis, Sidney Poitier, Theodore Bikel, Charles McGraw, Lon Chaney Jr., published by Twentieth Century Fox.
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Cape Fear (1962) Cape Fear (1962)
Cape Fear is a 1962 American psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese and a remake of the 1962 film of the same name. It stars Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange and Juliette Lewis and features cameos from Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Martin Balsam, who all appeared in the 1962 original film.Superior to Martin Scorsese's...
by J. Lee Thompson, with Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Polly Bergen, Lori Martin, Martin Balsam, published by Universal Pictures UK.
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