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  • Luther
    2003, UK release: unknown

Colleagues of shooting:

Alfred Molina Joseph Fiennes Bart Gavigan Eikon Film Neue Film Produktion (NFP) Jonathan Firth Claire Cox Eric Till Camille Thomasson

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Agent of Grace [2000] [DVD] Agent of Grace [2000] [DVD]
Agent of Grace [2000] [DVD]. Import from the Netherlands with English soundtrack. A Lutheran church outside of Germany. Those close with the minister, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, advise him not to return to Germany, but a doctor insists that he must due to his religious beliefs. Despite the possibility of persecution by the Nazis, Dietrich...
by Eric Till, with Ulrich Tukur, Johanna Klante, Robert Joy, R.H. Thomson, Tatjana Blacher, published by Eric Till.
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