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Colleagues of shooting:

Craig Fairbrass Matt Daniel-Baker Matt Daniel-Baker Dudley Sutton Tony Denham Malcolm Freeman Kelly Johnston Tom Bonington Steve Kelly Away Days Productions

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The Shouting Men (DVD & CD) The Shouting Men (DVD & CD)
Product Description British football comedy. When the lowly Gillingham Football Club is drawn against Premiership giants Newcastle United to play in the quarter finals of the FA Cup, a group of misfit Gillingham FC fans sets out on a trip to remember to St James' Park. Making use of their mysterious new disabled acquaintance Terry (Matt Daniel-Baker)...
by Steve Kelly, with Warren Llambias, Matt Daniel-Baker, Dudley Sutton, Craig Fairbrass, published by FireFly.
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The Shouting Men (DVD & CD) by Warren Llambias The Shouting Men (DVD & CD) by Warren Llambias
by with published by .
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DVD & BluRay by Warren Llambias on eBay
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